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BJE-ECC Passover

BJE Early Childhood Centers have become a staple for families looking to start their child’s learning journey. One of the reasons families choose BJE is because of our approach to a Jewish-centered co-constructive curriculum based on the children’s interests at our early childhood education centers in Northbrook and Wilmette.  

As Pesach is approaching, our students have embraced the learning that comes with Passover traditions and customs. Our intention is to join the learning that take place at school to the experiences that are happening at home with our families.

The Haggadah (story) that we read on Pesach recounts the story of the Exodus from slavery in Egypt to freedom in Israel. We encourage you to incorporate our BJE Haggadot into your homes during this special time of the year. 

The different Haggadot for each age level reflect what the children are learning in their class and are designed to be developmentally appropriate for each age. You can follow along with using the following haggadot depending on your child’s age: 

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