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Parent Ambassador Program

The Ambassador program is a partnership between BJE-ECC and BJE-ECC families with the following goals:

  • Identify potential BJE families in the community
  • Educate new families about BJE-ECC
  • Support new BJE families as they register, prepare and attend BJE-ECC

Connect with a Parent Ambassador to learn more about BJE

What is the BJE Parent Ambassador Program

Once a family agrees to be a BJE Parent Ambassador, they will:

  • Take an active role in cultivating potential leads within their schools, synagogues and local communities. After leads obtained, forward them to our BJE site directors.
  • Serve as liaisons between BJE and prospective BJE families, making themselves available to discuss the benefits of BJE-ECC and ways to become involved in the community.
  • Promote BJE-ECC through social media.
  • Identify locations within their communities where BJE’s promotional materials may be displayed. Ambassadors will maintain each location’s supply of materials and notify us if more materials are needed.
  • Establish the initial contact with prospective BJE families and be available for informal, personal meetings to discuss BJE-ECC.


Once a family commits to being a Parent Ambassador family, BJE-ECC will:

  • Supply Ambassador family with marketing materials and promotional items to assist in their recruitment efforts
  • Follow up on all prospective family leads provided by the Ambassadors