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Our Philosophy

BJE-ECC provides a rich, warm and supportive Jewish environment for your child. We are committed helping parents lay the foundation for a healthy, successful, and enjoyable future education for your child.

Our early childhood centers:

Reggio Inspired

The Reggio Emilia philosophy is based on recognizing that the young child has many ways of expressing themselves. The teacher and children are involved in  thought provoking discussions which stimulate the children’s learning. 

This approach respects each child and enhances problem solving independently and in group settings. 

We value nature as an important part of their learning experiences. From planting in the dirt and observations in nature, the children get a multi-sensory experience while connecting to their peers, teachers, and the environment.  

Our History

BJE-ECC has been a pioneer in Jewish early childhood education since 1972. Our experienced and dedicated educators are highly trained in both secular and Jewish early childhood education. Our preschool curriculum has been recognized nationwide for its content, materials, and scope. We are a Reggio-inspired school based on the Reggio Emilia approach to learning, a progressive philosophy of early childhood education founded in Italy.

BJE Families

BJE Early Childhood Centers are family oriented preschools. We welcome all families and encourage parents, grandparents, and other extended family members to participate in any and all of our family events.

Connections between parents and teachers are a building block in the educational journey of each child and essential to their success. In addition to regular contact with each child’s family, we schedule at least two parent-teacher conferences and a telephone conference early in the year for each child in pre-school. 

Though an app called HiMama, we communicate with our parents daily. 

Parent Ambassador Program

BJE-ECC’s Parent Ambassador Program is committed to helping build and maintain our community. Parent Ambassadors serve as liaisons between BJE and prospective BJE families. They are available to discuss the benefits of BJE-ECC and ways to become involved in the community. 


We are fortunate to have more than 50 nurturing and dedicated early childhood professionals in our employ. Keeping teachers current with the latest developments in early childhood education is one of the mandates of the BJE Early Childhood Centers. Our teachers are required to participate in an extensive, ongoing program of in-service education.