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Frequently asked questions

Does each parent/caregiver have to have an account?

No – currently, only one parent/caregiver can register a child. A second parent is welcome to create their own account in order to interact with other parents or participate in the social media features of the site (which are currently being built). Please note that, during registration, you will have the opportunity to list a second parent/caregiver for your child.

Once my child is registered, what else do I have to do?

You can find forms here. Don’t worry if you need to make a change to the forms – they are editable after you submit them.

How can I communicate with other BJE-ECC families?

This new site was built to include several social networking features, including class “walls” to post information, and the ability to message other users.

Is BJE-ECC still going to use HiMama?

Yes. HiMama will continue to be the system-of-record for attendance, as well as communication between teachers and parents. This new site will be for registration, as well as communication between families.

Do I have to pay upfront for my child to be registered at BJE-ECC?

No. When you register, a $250 refundable deposit will be taken for each child, but the first month’s payment won’t run until June or July of 2022, depending on your program. You can see the first payment details when you check out.

When will the $250 deposit be refunded?

It will automatically be deducted from your final month’s tuition.

What if I am registering for a child who hasn’t been born yet?

Simply list the child’s name as “TBD,” and for birthday enter the child’s due date.

Is this site secure?

We take security very seriously, and several measures have been taken on this site to protect sensitive information. The site is hosted on a secure platform, protected by a Web Application Firewall that identifies, filters, and blocks malicious activity, and all connections are secured by an SSL certificate powered by Let’s Encrypt. All forms are protected with Google’s reCaptcha, and social networking features are restricted to registered parents. Credit card information is stored in a PCI compliant environment, and this site is only accessible by users in the United States.